BRING JOY, HOPE AND LOVE, to displaced families in transition. image

BRING JOY, HOPE AND LOVE, to displaced families in transition.

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We are fundraising to help make a difference in the life of students and their families

LindaBen Foundation's mission is to serve the most vulnerable children and family at-risk to hunger and homelessness.

Overview of our Feeding Program: We started late last year by giving away sandwiches and holiday meals to more than 50 individuals & families. With the help of our donors and our food drives, we managed to provide once a month food distribution and assisted more than 300 families during the first quarter (~3600 lbs. of food). Now that our partnerships with other community based organizations are growing, we are positioned to provide weekly distribution of food for not just one school but for multiple schools! We are projected to give food for 1000 families by end of second quarter (~11000 lbs. of food).

Overview of our Family Stability Program: With less than a year of service, we were able to provide housing & wrap around assistance to more than 20 families in transitions. Here are sample of their stories...

1. Esther (not her real name): Single mom with four kids who got evicted last year and now live in a hotel room. Her current job is barely enough to pay for the room. She also has a child with special needs.

2. Ruth (alias): Survivor of domestic abuse and at the same time lost her job that she had for almost twenty years due to the pandemic. She has multiple kids with one just entered school.

3. Rosy (nickname): She's the bread winner of her family. She experienced effect of pandemic by loosing her clients for most of the year. As results, she struggled to pay for rent and utilities. Their electricity got cut-off by Pepco recently causing one of their pets to die. She's currently in poor health brought by financial concerns and their housing condition.

There are many more families like Esther, Ruth and Rosy that our foundation serve and meet through referrals or through weekly operations.

We do not intend to boil the ocean with our campaign. We just want to help transform lives one family at a time.

#EndChildhoodHunger #EndChildhoodHomelessness #OneSchoolatatime

Together we can!